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11/1 - 12/31 



Flagship Fireworks was created out of necessity by a group of Northwest PA fireworks enthusiasts. Fireworks are awesome and WE LOVE them, but why did they have to cost so much?
In 2015, we learned "the secret" to buying fireworks. It is not "buy 1 get 1 free" or even "buy 1 get 2 free"  (SCAM ALERT!!) The secret is buying true wholesale at case or wholesale pricing. Case pricing is the equivalent of "Buy 1 get 3 free"... or sometimes, it equates to "Buy 1, get 5 free!" 
This is why Flagship Fireworks exists today, to offer true wholesale pricing to our customers with no gimmicks, no games. Fireworks are awesome and every backyard party or campfire should be able to enjoy them without it costing a fortune… and now they can with Flagship Fireworks!
"Pennsylvania made them legal, we make them affordable."



Are you having a special event that Fireworks might enhance? Our sister company Erie Pyrotechnics Productions is licensed and insured to offer professional fireworks displays. Let our professional’s set up, script, and shoot your display... while you sit back, enjoy, and hangout with your guests. Please call to reserve your date and discuss your upcoming event!